When it comes to intimacy, sex and erotic connection your body already has the knowledge it needs.

Perhaps you’d like to rekindle the spark of physical intimacy with your partner? Perhaps you’d like to connect more with yourself in your solo sex; or develop a relationship with parts of your body which feel disconnected? Maybe you want to learn how it feels to be more conscious in your consent (not just trying to be a mind-reader when it comes to pleasure). Perhaps you’d like to move beyond porn, fantasy or habitual sexual behaviours? Or perhaps you simply wish to learn techniques to deepen your body’s capacity for pleasure…

As an Embodied Intimacy Coach, I use somatic principles to work collaboratively and therapeutically with you, helping you learn how to feel, how to engage with, and how to communicate the pleasure which already lives inside your body. With this insight you can connect more fully with your own authentic desires and those of others.

If you’re interested in exploring any of this, then you’re ready to discover your buried pleasure!


People are not mind over matter (“If I think differently I will be different”), nor matter over mind or spirit (“A change in chemistry or medication will wholly change my experience”).

Rather we are all of these things combined – we are thinking and conceptual, we are emotional, we are biological and we are spiritual. Somatics approaches people as the integrated whole, working with all of these aspects of who we are”

Staci Haines Somatics Expert & Therapist

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