"My work with Michael was tranformative. Michael’s great skill lies in his intuitive sense and our work together provided a gateway to a deeper connection in my body/mind” J, Scotland

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When it comes to intimacy your body already has the knowledge it needs.

As an Embodied Intimacy Coach, I offer a space in which you can be safely held, and fully seen and heard, without judgement. I use somatic sexology principles to work collaboratively with you, giving you tools to:

  • understand what your body feels,
  • communicate what your body wants,
  • do what your body enjoys.

Perhaps you’d like to connect more with yourself and your solo pleasure, or rekindle the spark of physical intimacy with a partner; You may wish to develop a relationship with parts of your body which feel disconnected; Maybe you want to learn how it feels to be more conscious in your consent (not just trying to be a mind-reader when it comes to pleasure). Perhaps you’d like to move beyond porn, fantasy or habitual sexual behaviours? Or you may simply wish to learn techniques to deepen your body’s capacity for pleasure…

If you’re interested in exploring any of this, then you’re ready to discover your buried pleasure!

Welcome to Buried Pleasure, I'm Michael...


I create nurturing environments, helping people have personal transformative experiences. My energy is centred and still, with an ability to enable people to feel safe. Most of my life has been involved in the creative arts, or roles of service, so I have well-developed verbal, and non-verbal communication skills, and a natural sense of intuition.

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Going Down Under

This winter Buried Pleasure will be going on tour! Between November and April I’ll be based in New Zealand, where I’ll be available for sessions.

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Explore the cornerstones of this work:



Touch is where it all begins.

We are all born with the instinct to breathe, to move, and to make sound.

We are all born into a body, with a mind of our own, and a unique spirit.

And it's our ability to touch and be touched, both physically and emotionally, that is what weaves all of these parts of us together.

Learn more about a simple, powerful tool to help you understand and connect with touch.



Movement allows flow. Raising the heart rate and activating the breath, it’s how oxygen and energy move around the body, helping pleasure to travel from the genitals to the tips of your fingers.

In most cultures dance is an integral part of courtship and attraction rituals. But when it comes to pleasuring our own bodies many of us have developed habits of restriction. Unlocking these through erotic movement reconnects us with freedom and trust in our own body. Find out more…



If you’ve ever meditated, practiced yoga or mindfulness, you’ll know that paying attention to the breath can be a powerful way to bring you bring you from your mind back to your body and sensation.

Breath is also an integral part of our sexual experience – many bodily systems involved in arousal and relaxation, including the nervous system, are affected by the type of breath we use. It’s even possible to take the body into orgasmic states simply through conscious breath work!



Sound is our primal way of communicating – pleasure, pain, sadness, joy – when we aren’t able to find words. But we live in a culture which gives us few opportunities to really connect with our voice – when was the last time you really sang your heart out, roared or screamed?

Many of us have also learned to restrict our erotic voice. But the sounds we make carry vibrations, and vibrations can literally alter and activate us on a cellular level. Find out more…

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"Michael is profoundly respectful in his approach. I felt safe – which helped me to talk about things that normally embarrass me and helped me to surrender to Michael’s healing touch” G, London