When it comes to intimacy your body already has the knowledge it needs.

As an Embodied Intimacy Coach, I offer a space in which you can be safely held, and fully seen and heard, without judgement. I use body-based principles to work collaboratively with you, giving you tools to:


what your body feels


what your body wants


what your body enjoys

Welcome, I'm Michael...


I create nurturing environments, helping people have personal transformative experiences. My energy is centred and still, with an ability to enable people to feel safe. Most of my life has been involved in the creative arts, or roles of service, so I have well-developed verbal, and non-verbal communication skills, and a natural sense of intuition.

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Feeling It Differently

A 10 minute guided meditation using body movement and sound to give your body new reference points for awareness and action.

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Allow Me

23 Mar 2018

Every day we endure so many things we don’t really want – from adverts to other peoples’ behaviour. The question is: ‘how can I learn to allow things to happen in a way which feels right for me’?

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"Michael is profoundly respectful in his approach. I felt safe – which helped me to talk about things that normally embarrass me and helped me to surrender to Michael’s healing touch”

G, London

"I found myself relaxing deeply into the presence of Michael's holding capacity. His ability to hold sensitively with full awareness and care for what is he doing, allowed me to overcome much of my fear to progress in the process of letting go”

Y, Scotland