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What’s Your Language Of Love?

Good sex is supposedly all about the ‘language of love’. But when you get to the bedroom are you and your partner actually speaking the same language?

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Mapping is a great way of re-connecting the body with sensate touch, and starting to find what is really there – or sometimes what isn’t there, which can be just as illuminating.

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Pleasure In The Self

Finding pleasure in the self is a conscious practice – in a similar way to the practice of mindful meditation, or yoga – an opportunity to really spend time focusing on your body, without judgement.

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Porn and Fantasy

Working with me, through your body, to overcome an unhealthy relationship with porn or fantasy is a gentle, non-judgemental process, allowing light and authenticity to be brought to a very real part of yourself.

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Conscious Consent

In any exchange in any relationship there is a giver and a receiver, someone doing and someone being done to. But (and here’s the bit you may not be used to) the giver and doer are not necessarily the same person.

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