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How it works

Intake session

If we have not worked together before we will spend our first session starting to lightly explore some of the foundational building blocks and communication tools that will shape any further work we do together.  Although it can sometimes feel disappointing not to dive straight in to the ‘heart’ of whatever you wish to explore with me, this initial session is an important way of starting to build trust between us, as well as beginning to find out how your body engages, and feels comfortable working, so that we can make sure you get the most out of any further sessions.

This session is also a chance for both of us to find out how it feels to work together, and it is offered as standalone, with no obligation to continue forward if it does not feel right.

What each of us bring…

Working with me is not about a quick fix, it’s about a journey - for those with curiosity and a desire to find answers within themselves.  For many the need to learn a new language (be it verbal or felt) is a key part of the process, and like learning any new language, this can take time.

It’s very much a two-way process – I offer guidance and tools, and you offer your heartfelt desire to meet yourself and bring commitment. I find that those who can co-create with me, rather than simply wishing to be taught, tend to find more reward and travel a longer and deeper distance.

I offer a space of loving presence, supporting you to expand out of habits or suppression, into your own learning zone. All the work we do together is led by your body and your needs. The process is fully confidential and non-judgemental. It is about allowing you to explore your own freedom, whatever that needs to be, even if it is the need to stop or change your mind!

I actively welcome working with all shades on the gender and sexual orientation spectrums.

A note about trauma

The body is often a repository for trauma (both high-level and low-level, physical and emotional).  Any work which involves the body will therefore have the potential to unlock trauma which may be carried within it, either consciously or unconsciously.

Sexological Bodywork is not designed to be a replacement for medical or psychological trauma therapy. If you do seek to work with me specifically around any abuse or serious trauma-related issues (or if memories of this kind of trauma arise during our work together) I will request that our work be carried out in tandem with a qualified psychotherapist or counselling professional.

I am always happy to discuss options for how we may work together if this is the case; your safety is my paramount concern.

Professional protocols

The work is regulated and kept emotionally and physically safe (for both practitioner and client) by a few clear protocols:

  • the practitioner (me) always remains clothed
  • erotic touch is one-directional (from me to you) and is led by you
  • gloves are always worn for work involving the genitals.

You can read the full professional code of ethics here.

I am fully certified and my training was overseen by Joseph Kramer – the founder of Sexological Bodywork, Body Electric, and the foremost teacher of erotic bodywork in the world.

I am a professional member of the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists (UK) and am fully insured through them.

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