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Moving Into Intimacy

Learning to inhabit intimacy is about learning how to feel more, and think less.

What does intimacy mean for you? How does intimacy with your own self feel different from intimacy with another person? And can you navigate safely between the two?

Saturday 21 October 2017

10.00 – 18.00

Newbold House, Forres

Safely guided and held by Michael Dresser, with Lucy Iredale

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“One moment touched me immensely deeply – opening a tiny chink in a rather well protected piece of antique personal armour. Thank you for holding the space with such beautiful sensitivity. I can’t wait to be in a workshop space that you facilitate again.” C, London

This one-day workshop uses movement to weave together breath, sound and touch, exploring what intimacy can mean to each of us when it’s liberated from the confusion with sex which our culture encourages.

We are all born instinctively knowing these 4 cornerstones of intimacy. But many of us have never had the chance to learn how to fully engage with them, and may even have learned to supress our natural instincts. Intimacy often becomes something we are uncertain, or even fearful, of.

Together, through solo exploration, group-work, and partner-work, we will learn how to listen to our body and communicate with it, both inwards and outwards. We will begin to notice the subtleties of how it feels to move between shifting states of intimacy, where our own boundaries lie, and how to embrace these authentically.

This is a gentle, fully clothed, non-erotic space, to expand your curiosity and connection to yourself as well as others. All shades on the gender and sexuality spectrums are welcome. The workshop is open to singles and couples, although you may be invited to work with all members of the group at different times. 

It is a fundamental aspect of this workshop that you will never be required to take part in anything which does not feel comfortable for you, and you will always be offered choice of how lightly or deeply you engage. In particular, elements focussing on touch will offer an option for self touch if you don’t feel comfortable with partner touch.

Movement will unite many elements of this workshop so some previous experience of free-movement practice, or a level of comfort with full body movement is recommended.

What are the elements we will be working with?

Learning to engage with intimacy means learning tools to engage with these 4 cornerstones:

Movement allows flow. Raising the heart rate and activating the breath, it’s how oxygen and energy move around the body. Moving – either alone, or with another – encourages a constant navigation between balance and tipping point, between stability and vulnerability. In the midst of movement there’s little time for the mind to take over, instead we must feel, and trust. In this workshop Movement will provide the linking DNA between the other elements.

Paying attention to the Breath can be a powerful way to bring you from your mind back to your body and sensation. Breath is also an integral part of intimacy – many systems involved in body engagement and relaxation, including the nervous system, are affected by the type of breath we use.

Words can often get in the way of self-expression and intimacy. But our bodies instinctively know how to use non-verbal Sound to heighten what we feel (the sigh of pleasure sinking into a hot bath, a groan of pain). Sound is our primal way of communicating beyond words. Sounds are vibrations, and vibrations can alter us on a cellular level.

Sensation is one of our body’s key ways of communicating important information to us. Science shows that experiencing ‘warm’ healthy Touch is vital for happiness and wellbeing. The space between functional touch and sexual touch (whether on our own, or with another), free from obligation or outcome, is where intimacy lies. Learning to inhabit this space safely and consciously can be nurturing as well as liberating.



Please arrive in time to start the session at 10.00.  You should wear, or bring, loose, comfortable clothing, in which you can move freely.  Please avoid wearing clothing which is very revealing, or using strong scents. You are also welcome to bring any additional items which help you to feel comfortable and safe.  Blankets and cushions will be available.

Gift Economy

This workshop is offered on a Gift Economy basis. It can help to think of this not so much as ‘pay what you want’ but more as ‘give what you can’. There will be an opportunity at the end of the day to reflect privately on the real value to you of your experience, and to acknowledge everything which has gone into enabling it, before making any payment.

Intimacy involves trust. So putting trust at the heart of this part of the equation therefore brings an intention for authenticity, understanding, and generosity of spirit from all involved.


We will have a 1 hour lunch break. If you are interested in a cooked vegetarian lunch at Newbold House, this is available for £11 (payable direct to Newbold on the day).  Please let me know when booking if you would like to be included in this.

We are all born with the instinct to breathe, to move, and to make sound.

We are all born into a body, with a mind of our own, and a unique spirit.

Our ability to touch and be touched, both physically and emotionally, is what weaves all these parts of us together.

If you’d like to learn more tools to listen to, understand and communicate what your body needs, contact me

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Learning to inhabit intimacy is about learning how to feel more, and think less. A one-day workshop exploring how to navigate safely between intimacy with your own self and with another person.

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