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Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms & conditions carefully before contacting me.

By working with me, you warrant that you are at least 18 years old and accept these terms & conditions. If you are attending coaching with another party, you must also agree to be bound by the agreed terms and conditions with each other.

I will not enter a session under the influence of either alcohol or illegal drugs, and I request the same of you.

I will ask permission to touch, and will stop touch whenever you request it. No session will fulfil any desire on either my part or yours for sexual connection.

Behaviour by you which transgresses any of these conditions may result in the session being immediately terminated. In such a circumstance you will not be refunded for any costs you may have contributed towards the session.

Conditions of my service

My service is as a professional sex and intimacy coach.

I remain clothed during our sessions.  Often people who initially hope for nudity and mutual touching find that keeping the focus on the experience of their own body allows them to access a different and deeper new knowledge of their erotic capacities.

My practice is 100% safe. I wear gloves as appropriate to ensure there is no fluid exchange between us.

I do not offer personal sexual services.


Personal Information

All personal information you provide me with is confidential and will not be shared with any third parties.