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What is Somatic Sexology?

For so many people sex and intimacy carry a big charge, which can often direct them to supress or turn away from the natural instincts their body is providing. I aim to change this. Our culture often partitions sex and sexual energy into a box marked ‘other’, somehow separate from other energies or practices. But I believe once we can fully integrate this core part of ourselves with the rest of our life we stand a better chance of feeling complete.

Somatic Sexology sessions are learning experiences that help you discover your physical, emotional, and spiritual life. They can help you learn how to be fully in your body’s experiences, and to find there what may be inaccessible to your thinking mind.

Although working this way can often bring profound and deep changes it does not set out to ‘fix’ issues or problems. Instead it offers the chance for collaborative exploration and curiosity, bringing learning, and opening the way for your body to create its own healing.

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"People are not mind over matter (“If I think differently I will be different”), nor matter over mind or spirit (“A change in chemistry or medication will wholly change my experience”).

Rather we are all of these things combined – we are thinking and conceptual, we are emotional, we are biological and we are spiritual. Somatics approaches people as the integrated whole, working with all of these aspects of who we are”

Staci Haines Somatics Expert & Therapist