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Sessions with me can involve many different routes to helping you become more fully embodied with your pleasure. Below are some broad outlines of how I might help you bring focus and offer coaching, but there are lots of ways we can work together to deepen your capacity or techniques for pleasure, based on your individual requirements. Get in touch to find out more

“One moment touched me immensely deeply – opening a tiny chink in a rather well protected piece of antique personal armour. Thank you for holding the space with such beautiful sensitivity” C, London

Pleasure In The Self: For many people masturbation is simply something functional – little more than a means of relieving pressure. But if we can’t even access our own body’s potential for pleasure, to be truly intimate with ourselves, how can we hope to find a real connection with a partner? Conscious self-pleasuring techniques can provide a meditative practice which goes beyond either solo or partner sex and helps re-connect you with authentic pleasure in your body. Read more about it

Conscious Consent: Are you stuck in unconscious patterns of giving or receiving pleasure, or even just ‘tolerating’ an experience – enduring rather than enjoying? Do you really know what your body enjoys, or do you just think you know? This work is aimed at moving beyond these limitations, opening up understanding, and helping you connect, and communicate, with yourself and others in a more fully authentic way. Read more about it

Mapping: How can you understand your body if you don’t know what you’re looking for? Mapping is a hands-on process, similar to massage but guided by curiosity, which provides a fundamental way to begin to understand the subtleties of what you are really feeling (and sometimes not feeling) in your body. Read more about it

Porn & Fantasy: Many people have come to rely on fantasy and porn in their route to pleasure. These often take you out of your body and into your head, resulting in less pleasurable, and even desensitising, experiences. Learning the ways back to your body, can reconnect you with physical intimacy, and even help establish healthier ways of incorporating fantasy or porn with a full body experience. Read more about it

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