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What's involved?

Sessions with me can involve many different routes to helping you become more fully embodied with your pleasure. On this page are some of the tools I work with. There are lots of options for how we can work together in a way that's right for you and your body. Get in touch to find out more.

Coaching modalities

Wheel Of Consent

Are you stuck in unconscious patterns of giving or receiving pleasure, or even just ‘tolerating’ an experience – enduring rather than enjoying? Do you really know what your body enjoys, or do you just think you know? Conscious consent allows you to fundamentally reposition how you approach touch and interactions.

True consent is not simply about one person saying yes. Consent is the agreement between two or more people about what will or won’t happen, and – just as importantly – the understanding of who it is for.

Developed by Dr. Betty Martin through more than 15 years of practical application, the Wheel Of Consent is a simple, powerful, navigational tool, which brings choice and clarity to your interactions with others.

This forms one of the foundational building blocks to my whole working approach, and I also offer it as a specific coaching pathway.

Sexological Bodywork


Sounds Good

If we find ourselves repeatedly restricted from safely expressing how we truly feel then sooner or later we’ll learn to stop listening to the messages our body is giving us.

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Touching Yourself

Just three weeks after you were conceived you began to develop the first of your five senses – touch. So how come so many adults seem to have lost touch with touch?

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Make Your Move

Gabrielle Roth, founder of 5Rhythms, had the right idea when she observed that “the fastest way to still the mind is move the body”.

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Mapping is a great way of re-connecting the body with sensate touch, and starting to find what is really there – or sometimes what isn’t there, which can be just as illuminating.

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Pleasure In The Self

Finding pleasure in the self is a conscious practice – in a similar way to the practice of mindful meditation, or yoga – an opportunity to really spend time focusing on your body, without judgement.

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Porn and Fantasy

Working with me, through your body, to overcome an unhealthy relationship with porn or fantasy is a gentle, non-judgemental process, allowing light and authenticity to be brought to a very real part of yourself.

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