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Wheel Of Consent Weekend

Do you know what you want?

(what you really, really want)

  • Do you allow too much? Do you find it difficult to say ‘no’?
  • Can you take what you need for yourself? Or do you give away your power to others?
  • Does your service come with strings attached? Are you always trying to please?
  • How easy to you find it to accept a gift? Especially if nothing is expected in return.

If you recognize yourself in any of these ways of being, then this workshop is for you!

The Wheel of Consent is a simple, powerful navigational tool which allows you to bring choice and clarity to your interactions. Practice creating clear agreements so you can experience satisfying connection to self and others.

This is a ‘hands-on’ 2-day workshop, exploring the fundamentals of the Wheel Of Consent, with an invitation to learn through safe, clothed, touch on your own terms – including the choice not to touch. The focus is not on the touch itself. Instead it’s a powerful inquiry into knowing what it is you want and how to communicate it.


What’s it about?

  • Waking up sensation – feeling and following what is enjoyable for you
  • Making choices – learning how to choose for yourself
  • Exploring who each interaction is for – because ‘doing’ does not always mean ‘giving’
  • Improving skills of empowerment and communication – noticing, valuing, and trusting desires, having the courage to ask for what you want, and feeling safe enough to receive it
  • Understanding why we don’t always ask for what we want – and what we do instead to get our needs met.

The Wheel of Consent gives you an experience of four ways to touch or relate to another person, within clear agreements:

  • Taking for your own pleasure – you do what you want, while respecting the other’s boundaries;
  • Allowing another to take from you – they do what they want with your permission, and maintaining your boundaries;
  • Serving another for their pleasure – you do what they want, within your own boundaries;
  • Accepting the gift of another’s service – they do what you want, while maintaining their own boundaries.

What will happen?

When you touch another person, is it for you, or for them? Can you tell? Does it matter?

Understanding and embodying the Wheel of Consent happens best through a somatic experience – you have to feel it. Therefore, this workshop invites you to learn through touch-based exercises.

  • You’ll learn what ‘Receiving’ and ‘Giving’ really mean (they’re not what you might think!) – and why knowing the difference, and when to use them, is crucial for creating connection
  • You’ll learn the framework of the Wheel of Consent and experience its four Quadrants as a foundation for connection
  • You’ll learn how to experience sensation, and enjoyment, in your own skin in a way that you can access any time you choose
  • You’ll become aware of your desires and limits and how to communicate them

There are opportunities for exchanging touch as part of the learning, but it is never required. You are welcome to watch the entire time if you like, and this experience can be just as valuable. The workshop is fully clothed and it will always be your choice if, where, and how you touch or are touched.

Who is this for?

This workshop is for anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves and improving the quality of their relationships – personal or professional, with partners, lovers, friends, parents, children or colleagues. No prior experience necessary. Whether you’ve worked with the Wheel before or whether you haven’t, there are always new levels of awareness to be found.

Many people have found this workshop and the Wheel of Consent to be life-changing. The Wheel allows you to bring clarity, ease, freedom, gratitude and generosity into all your interactions.

All shades on the gender and sexuality spectrums are welcome. The workshop is open to singles and couples, although you will be invited to work with different members of the group at different times.



Please arrive in time to start the session at 10.00.  You should wear, or bring, loose, comfortable clothing, in which you can move freely.  Please avoid wearing clothing which is very revealing, or using strong scents. You are also welcome to bring any additional items which help you to feel comfortable and safe.  Blankets and cushions will be available.



When: Sat 17 – Sun 18 November 2018 – 10.00 – 18.00

Where: Urban Wellness Hub, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen

Cost: £180 / Early bird £130 (ends 4 Nov)

If you are keen to attend but cost is an issue please get in touch so we can explore options to enable you to participate.

Safely held, and gently guided by Michael Dresser, a certified facilitator member of the School Of Consent, with Katrina Clark

If you have questions or would like to know more please contact: info@michaeldresser.co.uk


Participants from a recent Findhorn workshop said:

“The Wheel Of Consent opened my eyes about myself, and knowing what and how I want things for myself and others”

“Highly recommended – deep, safe, loving, beautifully held”

We are all born with the instinct to breathe, to move, and to make sound.

We are all born into a body, with a mind of our own, and a unique spirit.

Our ability to touch and be touched, both physically and emotionally, is what weaves all these parts of us together.

If you’d like to learn more tools to listen to, understand and communicate what your body needs, contact me

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Wheel Of Consent Weekend

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