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"If you want to improve your skills as a musician, or sportsperson, you seek out a coach to help with your education and practice, to guide and encourage you to be the best you can be...

Why would you approach intimacy or sex any differently?"

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I was drawn to this work as a way of helping to address what I see as a fundamental imbalance in the world.


is how we come into the world, and it connects us with the source of life.


is how we communicate, and communication is fundamental to being healthy, both as individuals and as a community.

Yet, for many, the ability to connect with both these crucial life elements is missing, disconnected, or even damaged. I see the work I do as part of a greater aim, to enable this world to become a more connected, healthier life-force.

Professionally I create a nurturing environment, helping people have personal transformative experiences. My energy is centred and still, with an ability to enable people to feel safe. Most of my life has been involved in creative roles, or roles of service, so I have well-developed verbal, and non-verbal communication skills, and natural sense of intuition.

Where I’m based

I am based in Forres, Scotland, approximately 1 hour from Inverness, 2 hours from Aberdeen, and 20 minutes from Findhorn. I work from wellbeing and retreat centre, Newbold House, where I have access to a comfortable treatment space.  I am also able to arrange accommodation packages in the main house if you are travelling from a distance and need somewhere to stay.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to know more, discuss how we might work together, or arrange a session.

Continued professional development

Besides studying with pioneers in the field of Sexological Bodywork (including Betty Martin, Joseph Kramer, Deej Uventin, Uma Furman, Caffyn Jesse, and Katie Sarra), my training includes high-level professional vocal study with Associated Boards of the Royal Schools of Music, as well as ongoing personal vocal practice for pleasure and meditation.

I also have personal training and practice in the basics of Trauma Release Exercise (TRE), and continue to study embodied movement practice with some of the most respected practitioners all over the world, including: Deborah Jay Lewin, Geordie Jahner, and Andrea Juhan,