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Working with me for the first time...?

These are the steps we are likely to follow:

  1. Free Introductory Consultation: If we have not worked together previously I offer a free 20-30 minute consultation, by skype or phone so we can both get a sense of how we might collaborate. This also helps to ensure:
  • We feel it is right for us to work together
  • You’re fully aware what bodywork may entail
  • I understand why you’ve chosen bodywork
  • I get a sense of what you wish to explore.
  1. Intake Session: The first time we work together will usually consist of a 2.5 – 3 hour Intake Session. This includes an initial space to discuss more deeply what you wish to explore, followed by an introductory practical foundation session to introduce some of the key body-based elements which will begin to connect you with your body and underpin the rest of our exploration. £150.00 (at my local base). In order to cover travel and room hire costs, intake sessions at locations beyond my local base are £200.

If we choose to continue to work together this can happen in a number of ways:

Single sessions:

My local base / online Other location
Bodywork £60.00 £80.00
Talk-only £40.00 £60.00


In general I find it best to work with someone for a minimum of 3 sessions, if possible.  This allows time for us to build up a working relationship, as well as for the learning to be integrated between sessions, building a stronger platform from which to continue to work forward from.

However, if you are interested in working with me on a one-off basis, please get in touch and we can discuss how this might be possible.

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Nourish yourself with a more immersive tailored retreat pathway with me, set alongside the stunning landscapes of the Scottish Highlands. Just a few hours travel time by plane from London, it’s a unique opportunity to combine a holiday and a personal journey of discovery – a chance to be nurtured and held with care and kindness at every step.

Each day includes up to 3 hours of session time with me, and together we will tailor-make your retreat according to your needs, and wishes.

The rest of your time is free to explore the local coastline and forests, spending quiet time to reflect, journal, and integrate your session experiences surrounded by nature. Or simply to relax and be looked after by the wonderful folks at Newbold House,  the beautiful heritage Victorian mansion, and gardens, where I base my work.

In order to allow ample immersive time for work and integration, retreats with me start at a minimum of 3 days.  To enquire about retreats longer than 5 days please get in touch

Costs: 3 Days - £552; 4 Days - £736; 5 Days - £920

Michael is very perceptive and supportive…I learnt a great deal in quite a short time, and experienced an opening up of what had been very shut down!” B, England

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